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31 Mar 20174R Phosphorus Management Practices for Major Commodity Crops of North America

Phosphorus plays crucial roles in biology and sustainability. It's particularly important in crop nutrition. 4R practices for phosphorus management have great potential to improve both crop yields and ...

22 May 2015United States Corn: Fertilizer Use Efficiency Doubles between 1980 and 2014

Fertilizer use efficiency has many definitions. One of the most useful is "partial factor productivity" (PFP). The following four charts show trends for PFP for nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potas ...

06 Jan 2014Plant Nutrition Today

Selected articles for the Northeastern United States, and Eastern Canada

04 Dec 2013Phosphorus Balance Trends on Agricultural Soils of the Lake Erie Drainage Basin

Laura Lindsey (Bast), Robert Mullen, Ivan O’Halloran, Darryl Warncke, and Tom Bruulsema

28 Nov 2013Reducing Loss of Fertilizer Phosphorus to Lake Erie with the 4Rs

by Tom Bruulsema, Robert Mullen, Ivan O'Halloran, and Harold Watters.

08 Feb 2013Better Crops

Selected articles - phosphorus and other topics

07 Feb 2013Insights

Regional newsletter.

06 Dec 2012Fertilizing Crops to Improve Human Health: a Scientific Review

Tom Bruulsema, Patrick Heffer, Ross Welch, Ismail Cakmak, and Kevin Moran

05 Dec 2012Global Crop Intensification Lessens Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Cliff Snyder, Tom Bruulsema, Valter Casarin, Fang Chen, Raúl Jaramillo, Tom Jensen, Robert Mikkelsen, Rob Norton, T. Satyanarayana, and Shihua Tu

05 Dec 2012The Fertility of North American Soils, 2010

Paul E. Fixen, Tom W. Bruulsema, Tom L. Jensen, Robert Mikkelsen, T. Scott Murrell, Steve B. Phillips, Quentin Rund, and W. Mike Stewart

05 Dec 2012Temporal Variability of Crop Response to Fertilizer

Robert Mullen, Greg LaBarge, and Keith Diedrick

05 Dec 2012How Potassium Nutrition Can Suppress Soybean Aphids

Tom Bruulsema, Christina DiFonzo, and Claudio Gratton

05 Dec 2012Forage Fertilizer Decisions in an Uncertain Market

Tom Bruulsema and Gilles Bélanger

01 Jan 2008Best Management for Fertilizers on Northeastern Dairy Farms

By Tom W. Bruulsema and Quirine Ketterings

01 Sep 2007Managing Crop Nitrogen for Weather

September 1, 2007 – Norcross, Georgia, U.S.A

01 Feb 2006Agri-Briefs

Selected articles for the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada, 2002-2006