08 Feb 2013

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Selected articles - phosphorus and other topics


Soil Phosphorus Trends in the Lake Erie Region
Tom Bruulsema

Corn and Soybean Response to Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization in Ohio
A.M. Fulford, S.W. Culman, R.W. Mullen, C.E. Dygert, G.A. LaBarge, E.M. Lentz, and H.D. Watters

The Colors in Phosphorus Deficient Plants
Tom Bruulsema

Phosphorus Balance Trends on Agricultural Soils of the Lake Erie Drainage Basin
Laura Bast, Robert Mullen, Ivan O’Halloran, Darryl Warncke, and Tom Bruulsema

Phosphorus and Phytochemicals
T.W. Bruulsema, G. Paliyath, A. Schofield, M. Oke

Understanding the Science Behind Fertilizer Recommendations
T.W. Bruulsema

Phosphorus Sources for Potato Production
J. B. Sanderson, T. W. Bruulsema, R. Coffin, B. Douglas, J. A. MacLeod

Phosphorus Needs of Processing Potato Varieties (Prince Edward Island)
S. Moorehead, R. Coffin, and B. Douglas

Phosphorus and Potassium Removal in Corn
J.R. Heckman, J.T. Sims, D.B. Beegle, F.J. Coale, S.J. Herbert, T.W. Bruulsema


Optimal Rates for Corn Nitrogen Depend More on Weather than Price
Bill Deen, Ken Janovicek, John Lauzon, and Tom Bruulsema

Adapt-N Uses Models and Weather Data to Improve Nitrogen Management for Corn
Bianca Moebius-Clune, Harold van Es and Jeff Melkonian

Temporal Variability of Crop Response to Fertilizer (Ohio)
Robert Mullen, Greg LaBarge, and Keith Diedrick

A Research Agenda for Managing Crop Nitrogen for Weather
Tom Bruulsema

Best Management Practices to Minimize Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Fertilizer Use
C.S. Snyder, T.W. Bruulsema, and T.L. Jensen

Fertigation Boosts Optimum Nitrogen for Tomatoes and Peppers
Tiequan Zhang, Chin Tan, and Tom Bruulsema

Yield Response of Old and New Corn Hybrids to Nitrogen (Ontario)
M. Tollenaar, S.P. Nissanka, I. Rajcan and T.W. Bruulsema


Human Health Depends on Soil Nutrients
John Duxbury, Graham Lyons and Tom Bruulsema

Silicon: A Beneficial Substance
Joseph Heckman

Selenium: Essential for Animals, Not for Plants
Robert Mikkelsen

Modern Corn Hybrids’ Nutrient Uptake Patterns
Ross R. Bender, Jason W. Haegele, Matias L. Ruffo, and Fred E. Below

Networking Soil Fertility Studies at the Agro-ecosystem Level using Meta-analysis
Leon E. Parent and Tom Bruulsema

Fertilizing Crops to Improve Human Health: a Scientific Review
Tom Bruulsema, Patrick Heffer, Ross Welch, Ismail Cakmak, and Kevin Moran

Fertilizer Use and Human Health
Tom Bruulsema

How Potassium Nutrition Can Suppress Soybean Aphids
Tom Bruulsema, Christina DiFonzo, and Claudio Gratton

Plant Nutrition Stewardship: Science and Ethics
Tom Bruulsema

Forage Fertilizer Decisions in an Uncertain Market
Tom Bruulsema and Gilles Bélanger

Managing Plant Nutrients for World Food Needs
Tom W. Bruulsema

Corn Fertilizer Decisions in a High-Priced Market
Tom W. Bruulsema and T. Scott Murrell

Principles of Allocating Funds across Nutrients
T. Scott Murrell and Tom W. Bruulsema

A Global Framework for Fertilizer BMPs
T.W. Bruulsema, C. Witt, Fernando García, Shutian Li, T. Nagendra Rao, Fang Chen, and S. Ivanova

Tom Bruulsema

Corn Response to Intensive Crop Nutrition
Bill Deen, John Lauzon, and Tom Bruulsema

Testing Turfgrass Soils
D. Soldat, A.M. Petrovic, R. Rao, and T.W. Bruulsema

Best Management Practices for Fertilizer Use on Dairy Farms
T.W. Bruulsema

Soil Fertility in the Northeast Region
T.W. Bruulsema

Impact of Organic and Mineral Fertilizers on Run-off from Turf
Z.M. Easton and A.M. Petrovic

Critical Leaf Potassium Is Higher in No-Till Soybeans (Ontario)
Xinhua Yin, Tony J. Vyn

Fertilizer Nutrient Recovery in Sustainable Cropping Systems
T.W. Bruulsema, P.E. Fixen, C.S. Snyder

Soybean Cultivar Responses to Potassium
T. Q. Zhang, T. W. Welacky, I. Rajcan, T. W. Bruulsema

Fertilizer and Tofu
T.W. Bruulsema

Productivity of Organic Cropping Systems
T.W. Bruulsema, D.W. Dibb, H.F. Reetz, Jr., P.E. Fixen

Residual Impacts of Previous Corn Rows on Potassium Nutrition of No-Till Narrow Row Soybeans
Xinhua Yin, Tony J. Vyn

Nutrients and Product Quality
T. W. Bruulsema

Nutrient Management in Mixed Forage Systems
Tim Griffin, Mary Wiedenhoeft, Tom Bruulsema

An Agri-Environmental Model for Potato Phosphorus Recommendations (Quebec)
L. Khiari and L.E. Parent

Functional Food Components: A Role for Mineral Nutrients?
T.W. Bruulsema

Functional Food Components: A Role for Potassium?
T.W. Bruulsema, C.J.C. Jackson, I. Rajcan, and T.J. Vyn

Boosting Crop Yields in the Next Century (Northeast U.S./Eastern Canada)
T.W. Bruulsema, M.Tollenaar and J.R. Heckman

Banded Potash Boosts No-Till Corn Yield (Ontario)
Tony Vyn, Ken Janovicek, and Tom Bruulsema

Application of Precision Farming to Potato Production in Québec (Canada)
R.R. Simard, M.C. Nolin and A.N. Cambouris

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