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Runoff P Loss

Runoff from the surface of soils can have elevated levels of phosphorus (P) if fertilizers or manures are not applied at the right time and in the right place. Learn how 4R Nutrient Stewardship supports high yield crops while minizing P in surface runoff.

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28 Nov 2013Reducing Loss of Fertilizer Phosphorus to Lake Erie with the 4Rs

by Tom Bruulsema, Robert Mullen, Ivan O'Halloran, and Harold Watters.

03 Jun 2013Place phosphorus in the soil to protect water quality in Lake Erie.

The link on the left leads to module 6.3-2 of the 4R Plant Nutrition Manual, and explains why "right place" is important for nourishing crops while protecting Lake Erie's water quality.

03 Jun 2013Timing broadcast phosphorus fertilizer applications can help protect Lake Erie

The link on the left leads to module 5.3-2 of the 4R Plant Nutrition Manual, and explains why "right time" is important for broadcast applications of P.

20 Feb 2013Phosphorus Placement for Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat

Presented at Heartland Nutrient Management Workshop, Lied Lodge and Conference Center, Nebraska City, NE, 20 February 2013.

22 Jan 2013The 4Rs and Great Lakes Water Quality

Presented at the Sylvite Agronomy Meeting 2013 in London, Ontario. 22 January 2013.

15 Jan 2013Water Quality, the 4-R Program, and Why You Need to Embrace These Principles

Presented at the Michigan Agri Business Association Winter Conference, Lansing, MI on 15 January 2013.