08 Jun 2016

Crop Nutrition Industry Action Opportunities for Sustainable Phosphorus Management

Presented at the 59th annual meeting of the International Association for Great Lakes Research in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Responsible management of crop phosphorus nutrition needs to recognize synergies and trade-offs among several important areas of impact. The most important issues are global food security and water quality. In the Lake Erie watershed, continuing research reveals considerable complexities in the impacts of several practices with respect to reducing phosphorus loads. The 4Rs of nutrient stewardship--source, rate, time and place of nutrient application--interact with tillage, drainage, and cropping practices, and also with the indigenous properties of the soil and landscape. This presentation will review the knowledge base for quantifying impacts of these practices on crop productivity, soil health, nutrient use efficiency, and losses of dissolved and particulate forms of phosphate. It will also highlight ongoing research efforts, their preliminary results, and strategic opportunities for positive change, as well as efforts to enhance public communication of performance.
Bruulsema IAGLR sustainable P management June 2016.pdf (size: 4.38 MB)

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