Program Profile

About the Phosphorus Program

All IPNI scientists’ activities include agronomic programs that address phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and other plant nutrients. 4R Nutrient Stewardship is a strategic component of the Institute’s regional and global tactical plans to support agriculture's ability to meet the world's production needs in a sustainable manner. Having a Phosphorus Program Director provides a point person to lead the Institute’s ongoing efforts in ensuring phosphorus is used effectively and efficiently.

Phosphorus (P) is the "key to life" - it is a component of every living plant and animal cell, and a vital element for metabolic processes. P plays a critical role in sustainable crop production. P fertilizers support high and increasing crop yields, but their use can also elevate the risk for impaired water resources. Increasing the adoption of 4R P application practices - applying the right source at the right time, and right place - has great potential to improve crop yields and water quality.